My Top 10 #AsBritishAs Tweets

We’ve had a phenomenal response to our #AsBritishAs A Cup of Tea campaign. So much so that we were trending as number 2 on Twitter on Christmas eve! With so much negativity purported around our faith, we wanted to showcase the incredible contributions British Muslims make to wider society, day in and day out.

I’ve scoured through twitter and plucked out these top 10 tweets – enjoy!

  1. Baroness Warsi

You can’t get more British than the Queen! Loved this cheeky jibe from Baroness Warsi.

2. Apprentice candidate Bushra Shaikh

This picture just exudes class! Great to have Apprentices’ Bushra Shaikh back our campaign with strawberries and cream!

3. Creative Director, Bilal Hassam

4. Teacher, Heledd Owen

This tweet really moved me. A member of the public was so moved by our ad on the telly, she sought out the charity and tweeted to say thanks! How lovely!

5. Shiekh Babikir

Now this is an instant classic! Sheikh Babikir is a traditional Islamic scholar who got behind our campaign with this brilliant video!

6. BBC Citizen Khan Actor, Abdullah Afzal

BBC’s Abdullah Afzal touched a nerve for some poking at some Brexit-related current affairs.

7. NHS Million

Was heart warming to have NHS Million jump on the hashtag with a special dedication to the NHS. Doesn’t get more brilliantly British than them!

8. CEO of Disasters Emergency Committee DEC, Saleh Saeed

Saleh Saeed is one of Britain’s leading lights in the development world, his testimonial means a lot to us at Penny Appeal, thank you Saleh!

9. Harris J

British Muslim pop sensation gets behind our campaign with the iconic Cheeky Nandos!

10. Chief Superintendent Mabs Hussain

Last but not least, our local Police Commander, Mabs Hussain gives us a special shout out. There’s no doubt he wouldn’t be where he is today without the Sherlock Holmes in him!

Hope you enjoyed those tweets. Don’t forget to share our ad on your social media channels and let us know what you thought!

Adeem Younis

Founder of the UK’s largest Muslim website and chairman of Britain’s fastest growing Muslim-led charity Penny Appeal, award-winning entrepreneur and humanitarian making a difference around the world.

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