5 Essential Solutions before your New Year’s Resolution!

Adeem Younis

According to Google, the word ‘resolution’ originates from the Latin root word ‘resolvere’meaning to disintegrate, dissolve or solve, in this case, a problem or obstacle. Every year wide-eyed optimistic entrepreneurs set themselves ambitious New Year’s Resolutions in the hope to motivate themselves to achieve that which could never be achieved before and every year, they mostly fall flat on their faces.

Before sharing my New Year’s Resolution, I thought it would be wise to reflect on essential solutions (from the Latin ‘solvere’ similar to ‘resolvere’ just less intense) that every entrepreneur needs to consider before drumming up their elaborate New Year’s plans.

1. Know Thy Self

This is crucial. How can you start planning for the future, if you don’t know yourself first? And when I say know yourself, for an entrepreneur, that means knowing your business inside out, your audience, your market and your industry. Setting yourself a resolution that you simply can’t do is like asking a fish to climb a tree. You can’t set goals unless you have a map of the pitch, or in the case of the fish, a map of your pond.

To understand where you’re going, you have to first know where you’re coming from. Before you start thinking about resolutions, take stock on the last year. What worked, what didn’t work, what surprised you, what were the highs and the lows and so on and so forth. This doesn’t have to be a laborious, painful task, it could literally take a few hours of crunching numbers, researching online and talking to key staff. Trust me, it’s not time you will regret.

Once you’ve done this assessment, you’re going to have a much better grip of where you can potentially go in the comings months and years.

2. Dare To Dream

Human beings are naturally averse to taking risks. It leads to disappointment, waste of resources, let downs and ultimately failure. Sometimes we set ourselves goals that we know we are going to achieve anyway, kinda like when you put something on a to-do list that you’ve already done just do get that little lift when you cross it off (we’ve all been there!)

Your New Year’s Resolution is not another item on your to do-list. It should demand a to-do list of its own just to realise it. It’s supposed to push you and pull you and drag you to a higher level. It shouldn’t be something that you would do in any case.

Once you’ve carried out your review of the year, you’ll be in much better stead to set yourself a resolution that will push you to go that bit further for you and for your business.

3.     Cover Your Bases

Listen very carefully. If your New Year’s Resolution is to fulfil a core component of your business: YOU ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE.

You shouldn’t be waiting around for a random date in the diary (1st of January) to motivate you to do something you should already be doing. This time of year, for some becomes a kick up the backside but that’s not how your business will thrive. If your New Year’s Resolution feels like this, you really need to think long and hard about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

It’s like a husband setting his resolution “to be nice to wife” – seriously? You’re deep in trouble. Go get help. Now. Don’t wait for New Years’ Day, do it now. (And if your New Year’s Resolution is “to be nice to wife” – go get counselling. Don’t wait for New Years’ Day, do it now.)

4.     Discipline!

One of my teachers once asked, what is the difference between someone who has discipline and someone who doesn’t? He didn’t wait for answer, “DISCIPLINE! That’s the difference!” he exclaimed to the class!

If you can do a day, you can do two. If you can do two days, you can do four. If you can do four, you can do a week. If you can manage a week you can manage a month. If you can do it for a month, you can do it for the year. Human beings are capable of remarkable things, in every sphere of our lives, but only if they can be disciplined.

Set yourself milestones. Reinforce accomplishments with rewards. Push yourself. Dedicate time to evaluating your performance in realising your New Year’s Resolution. It’s not supposed to be easy but if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. Take it one day at a time, chip away at the master plan bit by bit. You can do it.

5. Have Fun!

Being an entrepreneur is about enjoying what you do and fulfilling your dreams. So, don’t forget to have fun in the process.

Now that’s off my chest, I can start planning my New Year’s Resolution! Hope you found this useful and if you did, let us know in the comments below and be sure to share the article on your networks and with your staff!

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Adeem Younis

Adeem Younis

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