Day: 26 April 2017

London Marathon 2017 Experience – “Say, I Do” to giving the gift of marriage to those in need.

Running the London marathon has been the most gruelling and inspiring feats of my entire life. After months of training and preparing I was so humbled to have crossed the finish line to honour my challenge of helping 100 couples in desperate poverty get married. Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported me on the journey (and thanks in advance to the rest of you who are still to support me too!)

One of the things that really struck me during the marathon was the incredible sense of unity. People from every walk of life, men, women, old, young, every race, colour and creed imaginable, all coming together to witness something spectacular. So many great causes, so many people pushing themselves beyond and so many more cheering them along the way.

Think there’s few places in the world where people can come together in such a brilliant way, this is one of the core teachings of our faith, to wish for your brothers and sisters what you wish for yourself. Our scholars teach us that this Prophetic teaching doesn’t just mean your brothers and sisters in faith, but rather your brothers and sisters in humanity. This, for me, is what it means to be British and what it means to be a Muslim.

Thank you once again for all your support, it really means the world to me, and means even more to those who will benefit from your generous donations.

Help me reach my target to help 100 couples, many of whom are orphans, start their married life in prosperity and out of poverty.

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Listen to my interview with BBC World Service where I talk about my 100 Marriage Challenge.


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